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The Hosts

The President of Lega Friends Vasto "Massimo Di Mascio" gets to know the game of fantasy football in 2006, participating in a small competition made up of four players, the game did not initially arouse interest in him. At the beginning of 2007, participating in a second phase of the game, interest increases, and the idea of an organization of their own begins, with the idea of keeping the group of friends together. In the years to come the fantasy football becomes more famous and this makes it easier to increase the group of participants in the league, so the president decides to have a help in the organization, appointing two Vice-Presidents "Antonio Del Casale and Alessandro Troilo".


Massimo Di Mascio

I am the President of Lega Friends Vasto. Founder of this fantasy federation, created in 2007. I created the site keeping the history of this game alive.

Fondazione: 2007
Nazione: Italia
Federazione: Lega Friends Vasto (LFV)
Sede: Vasto (Ch)
Presidente: Massimo Di Mascio
Vice Presidente: Antonio Del Casale, Alessandro Troilo
Responsabile Mercato: Antonio Del Casale
Responsabile Coppe e Trofei: Alessandro Troilo
Consigliere: Michele Greco
Sito Ufficiale:
Sito Gestione:
Mascotte Lega: Doki
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