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Rule 01 Each team must initially have a value of 251 million.
Rule 02 The teams must be composed of 23 players, 3 goalkeepers, 7 defenders, 8 midfielders, 5 forwards (bench composed of 8 players (2 goalkeepers +6 players of any other position).
Reg.02bis Insertion of DEFENSE MODIFIER . At least 4 defenders in formation - the votes of the goalkeeper and the best 3 defenders are worth - if you start with 3 defenders, but the module passes to 4 or 5 defenders, the modifier is valid.
AVERAGE FROM 6.00 TO 6.49 PNT. 1
AVERAGE FROM 6.50 TO 6.99 PNT. 3

Rule 03 The players will be able to play in multiple fantasy teams.

Reg. 04 15th September 2020 (7.45 pm), the roses must be presented. No changes until the first 2 days of the LEGA, from 28/09 to 01/10 with 4 changes. After the 2nd day, 4 changes will be available with the delivery of 20 fantamillioni, and with the transfer market closing on 05/10/2020, it will be possible to make from that moment until the 17th day, 10 changes + the remaining 4 changes after the second day if they have not been used.
Reg.05 During midweek matches, no changes are allowed during midweek rounds.

Reg.06 14 changes will be available from the 3rd to the 17th day of the League. The market will be closed definitively on Friday 08/01/2021 and before the start of the 17th matchday which will be played on 06/01/2021 and before the start of the 17th matchday which will be played on 09-10/01 / 2021 in addition, only the players outside the fantagazzetta list can be replaced.

Reg . 07 Market operations can be carried out by Thursday at 20.00.

Rule 08 Players cannot be exchanged between teams.

Reg. 09 They will be delivered at the beginning of the 28th edition (5 fantamillioni, to the first 3 classified in the previous league edition, 7 fantamillioni starting from the 4th to the 7th classified in the previous league, 12 fantamillioni starting from the 8th classified, up to 11th place in the previous league and 18 fantamillioni will be awarded to those who place in the previous league, from 12th to 20th position.

Reg. 10 The remaining millions of the current edition will not be available for the next edition as well.

Reg.11 The remaining changes of the previous edition will not be available for the next edition.

Rule 12 The players who will no longer be part of the fantagazzetta list may be replaced at any time except (matches in progress, midweek rounds and transfer market in progress).

Rule 13 Only players who are part of the released list can be purchased.

Rule 14 The transfer of the 3 Goalkeepers if they come from the same team, will be calculated as 2 changes, if the goalkeepers you want to sell or buy are from different teams, the third goalkeeper will also be calculated, the changes will be 3.

Rule 15 If a player in possession of one or more Lega teams should no longer be present in the little girl list during the League, he will have to be replaced even if it happens after the 16th day, without being counted by the available changes, should the request for a change by the presidents of the team in question not be made, the change of the players out of the list will be carried out by the presidency of the LFV.

Rule 16 The formation must be inserted 15 minutes before the start of the matches, in case of missing formation the score of the last classified of the same day of the League will be assigned.

Rule 17 The formations can be sent, (in case of failure to enter on via Whats App or Sms, always within 15 minutes from the start of the matches, in case of incorrect communication, the presidency is not responsible for errors).

Rule 18 If the formation is not sent, the formation of the previous week will remain, if it is not sent on the first day of the League, the lowest score obtained during the same day will be attributed. If the formation is not sent for the first Cup match, 0-3 will be given at the table for the non-formation teams.

Rule 19 In the League, if the first classified at the end of the season will be 2 or more fantasy teams, the final prize will be divided equally with +50 cred. whoever won the highest number of weekly gold medals during the 19 days, in the event of another tie, will be followed by the other two weekly podium areas. The prize and title will be divided perfectly equally, in the event of a tie even on the weekly podium areas.

Rule 20 At any time a new team enters the League, it has the possibility to build the team with all the players also owned by other teams, if it takes possession of the players and a team left during the current League, it keeps the score gained from it, if he enters with a new name and a roster of new players, the League begins with the score gained by the last team in the standings. In the League Cup he can only participate in the case of management of a team (which is currently participating in the cup) left by a president.

Reg. 21 Cup: 2 groups of ten fantasy teams (9 one-way matches on neutral ground), the first 4 of each group will clash against the fantasy teams of the other group who finished in the standings from 5th to 8th place.
MATCH COMBINATION: A1-B8 / A2-B7 / A3-B6 / A4-B5 / B1-A8 / B2-A7 / B3-A6 / B4-A5. The fantasy teams that will play at home (the first 4 of each group) will have the +2 home factor in the score.The matches will be single elimination with a single match and the winners will go to the Champions League, while the losers will go to the Europa League. WE WILL PROCEED WITH FULL DRAWINGS OF THE QUARTERS AND A SUBSEQUENT COMBINATIONS OF THE SEMIFINALS for the two cups, in order to set up the final grid. The matches will be played on a home and away basis with the advantage of +2 home factor for the fantasy teams who will play at home. The final will be played with a single match.
The Cups will start on the 3rd day
- Group matches n.9 from the 3rd to the 11th day
- Dry match by cup division on the 12th day
- Quarter-finals from the 13th to the 14th day
- Semifinals from the 15th to the 16th day
- Final 17th day
- European Super Cup Final 18th day
Reg. 22 Cup: For those who finish the qualifying round with the same score, the head-to-head matches, the detached ranking, the goal difference, the goals made, finally the magic total points of the current group stage will be considered first. of cup.
Reg. 23 The winners of the Champions League and the Europa League will make the final of " SUPERCUP EUROPA " on the 19th day with a single match.
Reg. 24 The " FANTASPRINT TROPHY" can start on any day of the League, communication foreseen no less than 15 days before, except in the case of midweek shifts, from a minimum of 3 fantasy teams to a maximum without limits. The Trophy will be organized by the President of the League and the Vice Presidents, based on the number of participants, in the League phase, the winnings or qualifications will be assigned in the event of a tie, the highest number of goals made by the starting players, in the event of a tie. of a tie, we will continue, on the achievement of the goals made by the players who did not bring points, because they are part of the bench, in the end in the event of yet another tie, the fantasy team who obtained the highest score of the day during the phase will have the advantage in the Trofeo League. (Eg. Team X = 66.0 + 78.0 + 60.5) (team Y = (64.5 + 80.0 + 60.0) wins team Y for having totaled 80.0 points. In the head-to-head phase, in case of parity of goals scored by the two fantasy teams during the double confrontation, the away goals will be worth double, if they are still equal, the one who has achieved a greater magic score during the two home and away matches of the fantasy teams in question will pass, then it will go to extra time and penalty kicks (see the bottom of the regulations page).
Reg. 25 The LEGA SUPERCUP is the prize that will be awarded to the Fantasquadra who sets the league average points record, the highest weekly score of the entire edition.
League Awards: 1st place "League Champion" 600 credits, 2nd place 300 credits, 3rd place 150 credits.
1st place weekly "Gold Medal" 30 credits.
Friends Cup Awards: 1st place "Friends Champions Cup Champion" 200 credits, 2nd place 50 credits, Friends Europa League Cup 1st place 50 credits.
European Super Cup winner 50 credits.
Super League Winner 30 credits.
Reg. 26 There may be any new cup format competitions, in which the fantasy teams can participate voluntarily, these competitions must have a minimum of 4 fantasy teams and an additional cost of 10 credits.
Rule 27 Failure to enter the formation causing a change in the ranking to the detriment of other fantasy teams, for failure to enter the formation in the first league, in the first cup or in head-to-head matches in any other area, will be sanctioned by 30 credits.

General League Settings
Magic Rules + 3: No.

Sort ranking by:
Points, Goal Difference, Magic Points, Goals Scored

Calendar settings
Schedule without direct confrontations
Number of days: 19
Number of teams: 20
Maximum Substitutions: 3
Allow substitutions between different roles: Yes
Office reserve: No

Squad 23 Players
Goalkeepers: 3
Defenders: 7
Midfielders: 8
Forwards: 5

Bench Order
Total players n. 12
n. 2 Goalkeeper, any
Initial Budget: 251 million
Changes Available: 5
Allow the same player to be bought
from multiple teams: Yes

Exchange Policy
0-cost exchanges: No
Budget Tied Exchanges: No
Repair Market Days
Repair Market Bonus: 20 Million
Goal scored (P): +3.00
Goal scored (D): +3.00
Goal scored (C): +3.00
Goal scored (A): +3.00
Victory Goal: 0.00
Goal Draw: 0.00
Goalkeeper goalless: 0.00
Penalty Saved: +3.00
Penalty Scored (P): +3.00
Penalty Scored (D): +3.00
Penalty Scored (C): +3.00
Penalty Scored (A): +3.00
Assist: +1.00
Goals conceded: -1.00
Own goal: -2.00
Expulsion: -1.00
Warning: -0.50
Wrong penalty: -3.00
Defense Modifier +3: YES
Criteria Scores
Points: <66.00 Goals: 0
Points:> = 66.00 and <72.00 Goals: 1
Points:> = 72.00 and <78.00 Goals: 2
Points:> = 78.00 and <84.00 Goals: 3
Points:> = 84.00 and <90.00 Goals: 4
Points:> = 90.00 and <96.00 Goals: 5
Points:> = 96.00 and <102.00 Goals: 6
Points:> = 102.00 and <108.00 Goals: 7
Points:> = 108.00 and <114.00 Goals: 8
Points:> = 114.00e <120.00 Goals: 9
Points:> = 120.00 Goals: 10
supplementati e ricori conversione.jpg

Criterion: for each team the number of goals scored in the overtime is given by a conversion table that evaluates the fantasy (arithmetic) of all the substitutes not taken on the field.

Rules: the goalkeepers present on the bench are not counted in the calculation of the fantasy media and there must be at least two valid votes among the substitutes not taking over the field (with one or none the team score will be zero).
NB In case of round trip matches, the goal away from home criterion remains valid, as in reality. Example: match ended 1-1 in the first leg and 1-1 in the return leg. It goes to extra time and the score becomes 2-2. At that point, the team that played the return away match qualifies, given the 2 goals to their credit in the second match. This criterion is obviously not valid in the case of a dry finish.


Criterion: if, after extra time, there is still a tie, it goes to penalties. The player takes a penalty kick when his net vote (therefore without bonuses and penalties of any kind) is greater than / equal to 6. He misses it if it is less than 6. Each team will shoot 5 penalties, in case of further equality will go on indefinitely with series from a penalty each that, as in reality, are interrupted when one of the teams goes forward in the score

Order of penalty takers: it must be established by the fantasy coach only indirectly, since it will be inextricably linked to the deployment of the formation.

In Classic leagues the order of shooters is:
- forwards lined up in the starting formation if with valid vote (in order of how you lined them up)
- midfielders lined up in the starting formation if with a valid vote (in order of how you lined them up)
- defenders lined up in the starting formation if with a valid vote (in order of how you lined up them)
- goalkeeper deployed in the starting formation if with valid vote
- substitutes entered with valid vote (second bench order)

In Mantra leagues the order of shooters is:
- players deployed starting from the attacking line and proceeding backwards. Within a line of play, proceed from right to left of the grid as in the classic example
- substitutes entered with valid vote (second bench order)
the order of shooters within a line of play goes from right to left of the line-up or, if you prefer, from left to right of your screen. In the App it goes from the bottom of the display to the top.
NB If only one of the two teams (both in the series of 5 penalties and in those to the bitter end) can field a shooter, while the other does not have a player with a valid vote, the penalty of the latter will be considered as wrong. .

Further equality after the penalty kicks: in the event that it is once again tied, the system will generate a new round of penalties. This time, however, the threshold of realization of the network will materialize with a net mark greater than / equal to 6.5 while below this net mark the rigor will be considered wrong. It will start again with the entire series of 5 penalties and eventually the subsequent ones to the bitter end.
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